2018 Raffle Results!

The Results are in! Check them out here!

2017-18 Q3 Update

As we arrive at the end of the third nine weeks of school, MESF reports on the programs it sponsors within the school. You can see the updates at each of the program pages below.

About MESF

Murdock Elementary School sits in the heart of East Cobb in Marietta, Georgia. In early 2004, a group of parents gathered to discuss County and State budget cuts in education and their impact on Murdock. The group suggested forming a foundation to offer Murdock parents and the local community ways to contribute toward enhancing curriculum and addressing capital needs of the school. The suggestion was met with overwhelming support by parents, teachers, and school staff. Soon after, the Murdock Elementary School Foundation, Inc., (MESF) was formed as a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. A thirteen person board of directors and large group of parent, teacher, and community volunteers manage the business of the Foundation. We have an excellent reputation, stellar faculty and were named a Georgia Platinum School of Excellence in 2006. Our mission is to provide resources that will enhance the learning environment and educational opportunities of the students at Murdock Elementary School.

Our Vision

  • To help each child achieve their personal best.
  • To attract and retain top teachers and staff.
  • To help our students remain competitive locally, nationally and globally.

Art Show Preorder

Take advantage of our art show preorder using PayPal! Simply enter your child's name, grade, and class, then click Add to Cart and check out via PayPal. If you have more than one child, just enter the child's details and click Add to Cart again (and repeat as necessary). You can add as many as necessary into your cart, then check out all at once. Questions? Email us!
Child's Name, Grade & Class

2017-2018 Initiatives

  • $43,600 funds 100% of our hands-on Science Lab, including competitive teacher salary, supplies & equipment. All classrooms grades K-5 participate.
  • $12,000 funds the next phase of The Leader In Me, an innovative, school-wide model that enables educators to unleash each child’s full potential. Visit The Leader In Me website to learn more!
  • $23,000 funds Technology & Software, including teacher selected software and apps for every grade level, which are used in the classroom and at home.
  • $19,000 funds Staff Collaboration Time at every grade level. Murdock teachers find this planning time to be invaluable.
  • $4,000 to enhance Music and Art programming, including supplies & instruments used by all students.
  • Administrative fees and expenses are kept below 8%, which means $.92 of every dollar positively impacts our initiatives for Murdock’s students and staff!

2017-2018 Fundraising Goals

  • Patron Program (Fall) $63,000
  • Mustang Raffle (Spring) $42,000
  • Art Shows (by grade level) $5,500
  • Birthday Marquee (year round) $1,500

You can send a one-time donation to MESF using PayPal (no account needed and you can use credit card, check, or direct bank transfer). The suggested donation is $125 per family. Click here to support Murdock Elementary!

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