Leader In Me

The Lighthouse Team

The Lighthouse Team’s role is to encourage, lead, and serve as a resource for teachers at Murdock in teaching our students the 7 Habits from The Leader In Me (LIM).

2019-2020 Leader In Me

STAFF Lighthouse Team Members

  • K – Laura Warner, Vanessa Choate
  • 1st – Brianne Rushing, Amy Revelas
  • 2nd – Shelbi NeSmith
  • 3rd – Caitlyn Nash
  • 4th – Mary Margaret Shepherd
  • 5th – Kayla Beshears, Jennifer Kelly
  • ALP/Spec – Sarah Covington,  Jodi Levermann
  • Administration – Joel Atchinson

STUDENT Lighthouse Team Members

  • Samaiya Pereira               Francesca Verdi           Vera Suit
  • Maring McMahon            Sophia Vastistas          Jesse Griggs
  • Manuela Gill                        Adison Branch              Caleigh Barnett
  • Zoya Fnu                               Ash Ward                        Mrittika Deshmukh
  • Zarah Efemini                     Alexis Furey                   Kyle Coleman
  • Fallyn Wheeler                   Charlie McDonald       Alexia Grace Weber

CLICK HERE to learn more about how to become a Leader In Me Lighthouse Family

2018-19  Update

  • Student leaders are identified through the use of Mustang Tickets. Teachers will award students with a ticket that gets placed on bulletin board in the cafeteria. At the end of the month, the tickets are taken down and admin draws several from each grade level. A celebration event is held by the admin at the end of the day.
  • Lighthouse team is planning for the March 1st “Readers are Leaders” day which includes a pep-rally and parade. Students will be encouraged to dress up as their favorite book character and share how the character displays one of the 7 habits. The administration will be guest readers during the day to share their favorite picture books. Brenda Speir is planning special events for the week for Dr. Seuss’s birthday.
  • The Lighthouse team will be attending the Atlanta Leader in Me Symposium on January 15th and 16th. We look forward to bringing back new ideas.
  • A Family Lighthouse Celebration will take place for families that have reached Lighthouse status. It will be a fun evening of games and ice-cream sundaes. It will be on Thursday, January 31st.
  • The Student Lighthouse Team (led by Kayla Beshears and Caitlin Nash) is working with Mr. Hydo to share habit lessons on the morning news.
  • Committees are working together (action teams) to complete school-wide goals relating to LIM.
  • Implementation of Mustang Tickets (students are recognized by teachers for displaying the 7 habits and posted in cafeteria)
  • Big Rocks (School-wide goals) were assigned to action teams among the committees
  • October 24th- Sarah Covington and Kayla Beshears will be attending the facilitators coaching day at Eastvalley Elementary
  • November 27th- Full day coaching with Betsy Weirda (Franklin Covey) for the staff Lighthouse Team
  • Student Lighthouse Team is meeting once a month with Ms. Beshears and Ms. Nash
  • Staff is receiving “Boosters” each staff meeting with Leader in Me professional development, learning more in-depth about 7 habits
  • Homeroom teachers are promoting to their students to become a Lighthouse Family
  • Teachers are working to become Lighthouse classrooms
  • Student Leadership Notebooks are being used by every homeroom teacher to help students track growth/collect data

Spring  Update

  • Established the student lighthouse team and met with new team members.
  • Hoping to purchase t-shirts for new team members.
  • Staff Lighthouse team met for an entire day of collaboration and long-term planning. Planned next year goals and established specific roles for team members.
  • In progress- quotes to be hung on each grade-level hallway. Had a difficult time getting them to hang on cinderblock.
  • Pep Rally planned for beginning of year (August) called “Lasso Leadership”
  • LIM binders for each student will be stored on grade level hallways until beginning of next school year
  • Staff will receive a LIM folder at beginning of the year with helpful resources and suggested activities that will help teach each habit