Mustang Raffle

Each spring for 2 weeks, MESF sponsors the Mustang Raffle. This hugely successful fundraiser is designed to allow Murdock families to go out into the community to raise dollars by selling tickets to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

Murdock students are eligible for lots of fun prizes, such as: Sellers Club Movie Night, t-shirts, a Mustang Cool Prize, treasure box goodies and SO much more!  

The ticket purchaser will have a chance to win one of three exciting prizes. Past prizes have included: NBA Experience with the Atlanta Hawks & Turner Studios, Atlanta Braves family package, iPad, $1,000 cash.

Administrative expenses are kept low through the help of our sponsors and donations and there is little to no classroom interruption.

If you are interested in sponsorship/partnership opportunities, please contact us.

2019-2020 Mustang Raffle UPDATE: 

Our 10th annual Mustang Raffle was scheduled to launch on March 13. However, due to school closings and the current COVID-19 situation, we decided it was not in the best interest or safety of our students and staff to continue as planned. With that said, our fundraising efforts this year were solely supported by our Patron Program in the Fall and for that we are grateful. MESF was able to fund several valuable programs and investments for our 2019-2020 school this year.

2018-2019 Mustang Raffle Information:

2018-2019 Mustang Raffle RESULTS:

THANK YOU to the Murdock community for making this year’s raffle a HUGE success!  59% of Murdock’s student body participated this year & exceeded our goal of $45,000 by raising nearly $50,000…..Way to go Mustangs!  54% of staff members participated & Murdock’s own Principal Hamblett sold 141 tickets!


Grand Prize, $1,000 cash, Molly Israel sold by Kyle I.

1st Place, 7th Generation iPad, Matt Hurst sold by Brendan H.

2nd Place, NBA Experience with the Atlanta Hawks & Turner Studios, Patrick Hamblett, sold by Lynn H.


Top Selling Family: Selling 266 tickets, THE CUDDAPAH FAMILY once again  won a Party &Tour for 15 courtesy of Chick-fil-A East Lake as well as passes to White Water!

Sellers Club, which means each family sold a total of 30 tickets, consisted of 41 families and 62 kids total. This years Sellers Club Families are: Anselmo, Avelar, Babar, Bayley, Barnett, Clark, Corredor, Cuddapah, Dalen, Dudley, Dykes, Fisher, Fleming, Grant, Heenan, Hunter, Hutchinson, Kane, Lewis, Micca, Patel, Payne, Pedersen, Quinlan, Roberts, Roehl, Rogers, Rosas, Sibley, Shilling, Sullivan, Suit, Trombino, Valenzuela, Vallabhaneni, Walker, Ward, Weber, Xu, Zeff

Post Oak Recreation Association Annual Family Membership (PORA): $400 value, 20 tickets to qualify:  The Wahn Family

Top Participating Classes in each grade won an in house field trip with My Reptile Guys

  • 1st=HILLIARD
  • 2nd= TREMBLEY
  • 3rd=REESE
  • 4th=O’NEILL
  • 5th= GUTMAN ( 69% Thanks for leaving an awesome legacy!)

Top Student Sellers in each grade won a special lunch with our SUPER Principle Mrs. Hamblett:

  • K=Gavin P.
  • 1st=James S.
  • 2nd=Kennedy G.
  • 3rd=John D.
  • 4th=Raj C. & Kingston H.
  • 5th=Seena C.
THANK YOU to our Mustang Raffle Sponsors: 
Turner Sports, Coles Wild Bird Seed, Ava Air, Chick-fil-A at East Lake, Post Oak Recreation(PORA) and Cobb EMC
other sponsors: My Reptile Guys, STEM Club, Kids Learning Tech, Fun Creative Writing, Marietta Martial Arts, Cheer Your Heart Out, Little Blue Ice Cream Truck, Xdrenaline, Menchies, Small Cakes, Dog City Bakery, Intrigue, Orange Theory, Cyclebar, The Bar Method, Empower Yoga, Superfood Company
My Reptile Guy Winners
Sellers Club CFA East Lake Movie Night
 Super Principle Mrs. Hamblett
Top Selling Family