2022-2023 Plan 

Fundraising Goals:

Patron Program $50,000 (stretch goal $60,000)
Special Fundraiser $50,000
Virtual Art Show $4,000
Marquee (Birthday & 5th Grade) $3,000

Prior to 2020 Patron Program and Mustang Raffle together generated $100,000 in revenue.  This year’s goals are based on last year’s achievement. Our stretch goal for the Patron Program this year is $50,000 to start to get us back on track for investments in school technology expanding beyond current year needs.  Every dollar counts and will be spent on needs identified by the school.

  • Murdock Community:  MESF welcomes Mrs. Brooks and looks forward to partnering with the PTA this year!
  • Leader In Me Program Support: MESF is committed to continue the extraordinary leadership & life skills program to create a culture of student empowerment.
  • Technology Support: MESF gets input from the Principal and Teacher Liaisons during the school year to prioritize technology spending, focused on areas not funded by the county.
  • Teacher Support: Collaboration days will be a priority for this school year and will be allocated based on achievement of fundraising goals.

2022-2023 Budget

The following items are funded by the Foundation and impact every student.

  • Technology/Apps  – new laptops, teacher selected software and apps for every grade level & new poster printer.
  • Science Lab and Specials – 100% of lab supplies and equipment.
  • The Leader in Me  – licensing, staff training, 100% of supplies, and more.
  • Staff Collaboration Time – three days for every teacher at every grade level
  • Teacher Grants
  • Field Maintenance
  • Administrative expenses for the year

Email our Treasurer with any questions.

2021-2022 Achievements and Highlights:

$42k funds raised for our playground resurfacing
$23k towards digital apps teachers use in the classroom
$16.5k paid for teacher collaboration days (paying for subs so teachers can receive training & collaborate)
$7k paid for our 3D printer & high volume copier
$7k paid for Science Lab & specials (Art, innovation, music, PE) supplies/needs
$5k Leader in Me program licenses and supplies
$1.5k Track and field maintenance

2020-2021 Initiatives

  • Stay Flexible: It is a challenging time for all and MESF commits to adjusting course based on fundraising capabilities.
  • Leader In Me: MESF is committed to continue the extraordinary leadership & life skills program to create a culture of student empowerment.
  • Technology Support: MESF is exploring ways to support our Murdock community through technology & learning needs for the unchartered year ahead.
  • Emergency Reserve: MESF is committed to reserve funds which enables us to continue to navigate through uncertain times

2019-2020 Fundraising Goals

  • Patron Program (Fall) $60,000
  • Mustang Raffle (Spring) $40,000 * NOT ABLE TO RAISE DUE TO COVID-19
  • Art Shows (by grade level) $5,000
  • Birthday Marquee (year round) $3,000  *sign up ends August 31
  • 5th Grade Graduation Marguee Messages (May) $2,000 *sign up in January 2020

2019-2020 Goal Achievements and Highlights

  • $56,200 funds Technology & Software, including teacher selected software and apps for every grade level, which are used in the classroom and at home.
  • $2,000 funds 100% of our hands-on Science Lab,  supplies & equipment. All classrooms grades K-5 participate.
  • $15,000 funds the next phase of The Leader In Me, an innovative, school-wide model that enables educators to unleash each child’s full potential. Visit The Leader In Me website to learn more!
  • $18,300 funds Staff Collaboration Time at every grade level. Murdock teachers find this planning time to be invaluable.
  • $5,000 to enhance PE, Music and Art programming, including supplies & instruments used by all students.
  • Administrative fees and expenses are kept around 8%, which means $.92 of every dollar positively impacts our initiatives for Murdock’s students and staff!
2018-2019 Fundraising Highlights

Exceeded the goal of $128,000 by raising nearly $137,000 (gross fundraising amount).

  • Nearly $58,000 in family and staff donations through the fall Patron Program, with 62% student participation. With donor employee matching, $67,000 was raised in all. Note: total is gross fundraising amount.
  • Ticket sales through the spring Mustang Raffle raised nearly $50,000, with 59% student participation. Note: total is gross fundraising amount.
  • Grade level art show sales and marquee birthday messages brought in nearly $19,000. Note: total is net fundraising amount.