2021-2022 Plan 

Fundraising Goals:

Patron Program $30,000
Mustang Raffle $30,000
Virtual Art Show $4,000
Marquee (Birthday & 5th Grade) $3,000
  • Murdock Community:  MESF welcomes Mrs. Brooks and looks forward to partnering with the PTA this year!
  • Leader In Me Program Support: MESF is committed to continue the extraordinary leadership & life skills program to create a culture of student empowerment.
  • Technology Support: MESF gets input from the Principal and Teacher Liaisons during the school year to prioritize technology spending, focused on areas not funded by the county.
  • Teacher Support: Collaboration days will be a priority for this school year and will be allocated based on achievement of fundraising goals.

2020-2021 Plan 

  • Stay Flexible: It is a challenging time for all and MESF commits to adjusting course based on fundraising capabilities.
  • Leader In Me: MESF is committed to continue the extraordinary leadership & life skills program to create a culture of student empowerment.
  • Technology Support: MESF is exploring ways to support our Murdock community through technology & learning needs for the unchartered year ahead.
  • Emergency Reserve: MESF is committed to reserve funds which enables us to continue to navigate through uncertain times

2019-2020 Fundraising Goals

  • Patron Program (Fall) $60,000
  • Mustang Raffle (Spring) $40,000 * NOT ABLE TO RAISE DUE TO COVID-19
  • Art Shows (by grade level) $5,000
  • Birthday Marquee (year round) $3,000  *sign up ends August 31
  • 5th Grade Graduation Marguee Messages (May) $2,000 *sign up in January 2020

2019-2020 Initiatives

  • $56,200 funds Technology & Software, including teacher selected software and apps for every grade level, which are used in the classroom and at home.
  • $2,000 funds 100% of our hands-on Science Lab,  supplies & equipment. All classrooms grades K-5 participate.
  • $15,000 funds the next phase of The Leader In Me, an innovative, school-wide model that enables educators to unleash each child’s full potential. Visit The Leader In Me website to learn more!
  • $18,300 funds Staff Collaboration Time at every grade level. Murdock teachers find this planning time to be invaluable.
  • $5,000 to enhance PE, Music and Art programming, including supplies & instruments used by all students.
  • Administrative fees and expenses are kept around 8%, which means $.92 of every dollar positively impacts our initiatives for Murdock’s students and staff!

2018-2019 Fundraising Highlights

The fundraising efforts in the school year 2018-2019 exceeded the goal of $128,000 by raising nearly $137,000 (gross fundraising amount).

  • Nearly $58,000 in family and staff donations through the fall Patron Program, with 62% student participation. With donor employee matching, $67,000 was raised in all. Note: total is gross fundraising amount.
  • Ticket sales through the spring Mustang Raffle raised nearly $50,000, with 59% student participation. Note: total is gross fundraising amount.
  • Grade level art show sales and marquee birthday messages brought in nearly $19,000. Note: total is net fundraising amount.

Allocation of Funds

The following items were funded by the Foundation and impacted every student.

  • Technology – new laptops, teacher selected software and apps for every grade level & new poster printer.
  • Science Lab – 100% of lab supplies and equipment.
  • The Leader in Me (LIM) – phase 3 of the Franklin Covey contract, staff training, 100% of LIM supplies, and more.
  • Staff Collaboration Time – three days for every teacher at every grade level.
  • Lassiter Performances and Art Shows – costs associated with utilizing the Lassiter Concert Hall.
  • Campus Improvements, Musical Instruments, PE Equipment, grade level Art needs and MUCH more!

For additional information, contact the MESF Treasurer.