Board of Directors 2021-2022

  • Past President – Cristina Micca
  • President (communication & fundraising) – Pam Grant
  • Co-VPs of Fundraising (patron, raffle, art show, marquee) – Gayle Gilbert
  • Patron Program Chairs- Amy Larrabee & Alicia Fleming
  • Raffle Sponsor & Donor Chair- Open
    • Ali Richards
  • Raffle Logistics & Support Chair- Kai Bailey
    • Colleen Dyrst
  • Art Show Chair – Jenna Hood
    • Marissa Lee
  • Treasurer – Jessica Pedersen
  • Secretary – Cathy Aldridge
  • Social Media Liaison (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) – Open
    • Kristi Athey
  • K-2 and Specialists Teacher Liaison – TBD
  • 3-5 Teacher Liaison – Dianna Tatham
  • Administration Liaison – Kendra Brooks

A big thank you to the dedicated volunteer Board Chairs who have rolled off this year: Cristina Micca, who during her six years, served MESF in a variety of roles, Whitney Schaffner who served as Communications Chair, Carrie Ward, who served MESF as Secretary and Joyia Efemeni who served as CO-VP. Thanks also to Michael Braun who continues to serve as Legal Counsel for the Foundation.  We appreciate all of you for your service and dedication to the mission of MESF!